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Saturday, 4-Oct-2003 00:00
Breaking a Habit
I am a creature of habit. I live, breathe, eat, work, and sleep on a schedule (albeit an erratic schedule at times.) Sometimes the pattern is too big and complex to see, and sometimes it is all too clear. It is especially clear when I have to break a habit or routine. Starting tomorrow I will break one of my latest and strongest habits: checking and updating my entries at Fotopages.

It's a strange feeling...I actually filled in my days ahead of time (using the nifty "archive " function, and creating a conceptual "timewarp". "Time" is just a marker anyway according to many theorists....as well as my own experience...consider how slowly time passes at a miserable job or how fast it passes when you are with someone you love). My record (date wise) is a complete record but perhaps in a way that is "cheating" and I feel like I will be forgetting something important. Ah well, as an artist I am flexible. In a way this essay is my brief going away present.

I am about to take a short vacation trip @ Tokyo. For three days I will take a whirlwind tour of Disneyland (Chiba), Yokohama, and various locations in Tokyo (perhaps Shibuya, Ginza, Roppongi, etc., not sure yet). I have not been outside of the Kansai region in Japan...except for the coincidence that I was born on a military base in Okinawa. (My parents returned to America while I was a baby so I can't really say I remember it).

Hopefully when I come back I will have loads of new pictures to add to Desiring Machine, http://bug.fotopages.com. Until then I have made a commitment not to check my e-mail for a little over two and a half days. It is strange that this creates a slight anxiety for me......Fotopages withdrawal? I feel like I have become a full-fledged "Netizen" and I guess
Fotopages is my neighborhood in that huge territory. Years ago I never would have imagined myself in this situation....actually I would laugh at anyone explaining this predicament.

Maybe that is a sign that I need to cut back on my "habit" before it becomes a full fledged "addiction". I want to spend more time with Mayumi, I need to spend time finding a new job, and I hope to find some time for making some new videos. Also, based on what I am seeing in Photoshopland, http://www.fotolog.net/pixelman/ I want to get better acquainted with some computer programs. Finally, I need to do more writing....hopefully some of this will find its way to Fototalk, but I also want to organize a script.

More to come Fototalk-wise over time I guess...I wanted to leave you with a simple, but obvious and profound observation about habit. It was overheard at work a few days ago: "If you type one page a day (every day) for a year you will have a 360 some page manuscript at the end of the year." Of course this doesn't account for any merit of the manuscript but it is a staggering figure to me nonetheless. (And perhaps an example how a habit....an accumulation of little things....makes something more substantial. If someone feels prompted to do so based on this, please let me know....and keep me posted.



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